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Wallack's Insider April 24 2018

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New at Wallack's: MTN 94 Spray Paints

MTN 94 Spray Paint

NEW PRODUCT: Mtn 94 Spray Paint is the best spray paint on the market. Ideal for all types of applications, its low pressure valve allows for excellent spray control. We are now stocking 96 colours with multiple caps to choose from.  



Brenda Dunn and A.M. Benz combine their unique visions of the use of space. AOE Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre 

Exhibit Dates: May 10 to June 12, 2018

Vernissage Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

Artist Statements: Brenda Dunn explores the grid formations of our farmlands, incorporating a ‘drones eye view’ as a primary base in a series she refers to as Architectonics. Dunn layers colourful squares of ink and watercolour in imitation of a patchwork landscape viewed from above. Overlayed are ink drawings of buildings and grid work, a playful representation of the very real pressure of urban sprawl.A.M. Benz, prefers to avoid a purely flat surface to work on.  She creates some sort of dimensional space for each of her pieces, whether they float, are folded forms, have multi-levels or appear broken. Each mixed media piece occupies more than just a flat space. Her materials are chosen and placed in specific spots to catch the light in order to simulate energy movement across the dimensional spaces.


Bank Street Glow Fair 2018 Countdown

Glow Fair

It's a weekend you can't miss! From June 14 -16, ten city blocks dedicated to live bands and DJ acts. Don't forget to stop by Wallack's and see what we have happening this year. 


ARTPRENEUR Chat with Kevin Loring & Lori Marchand

Artpreneur Chat Keniv Loring


Chatting with us are Kevin Loring and Lori Marchand discussing their careers, how they built them, and how they landed in Ottawa.

Kevin Loring is the first Artistic Director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre. He is an accomplished Canadian playwright, actor and director and was the winner of the Governor General’s Award for English Language Drama for his outstanding play, Where the Blood Mixes in 2009. The play explores the intergenerational effects of the residential school system. It toured nationally and was presented at the National Arts Centre in 2010, when Mr. Loring was serving as the NAC’s Playwright in Residence. A Nlaka’pamux from the Lytton First Nation in British Columbia, Loring created the Songs of the Land project in 2012 in partnership with five separate organizations in his home community. The project explores 100-year-old audio recordings of songs and stories of the N’lakap’amux People. Loring has written two new plays based on his work with the community including Battle of the Birds, about domestic violence and power abuse, and The Boy Who Was Abandoned, about youth and elder neglect. A versatile artist and leader Loring has served as the co-curator of the Talking Stick Festival, as Artist in Residence at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, as Artistic Director of the Savage Society in Vancouver, as a Documentary Producer of Canyon War: The Untold Story, and as the Project Leader/Creator, and Director of the Songs of the Land project in his home community of Lytton First Nation.

Lori Marchand is the first Managing Director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre. In 2009, Ms. Marchand worked with both Mr. Schellenberg and Mr. Loring on a new production of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, a joint production between Western Canada Theatre and the NAC, to mark the NAC’s 40th anniversary. In many ways, the production began a new relationship between Ms. Marchand, Mr. Loring and the NAC, and it initiated the exploration and conversation that ultimately resulted in the Indigenous Theatre at the NAC. Ms. Marchand is of the Syilx Nation and grew up in Algonquin and Secwepemc Territory, lived and worked in Ojibwa and Cree Territory, and worked with leaders from the Six Nations, the Métis and the Mohawk. Her family environment brought her into contact with Indigenous leaders from Canada and around the world. Ms. Marchand has served as the Executive Director of Western Canada Theatre for 18 years, working with four artistic directors to create and implement a compelling vision that has led to significant and successful growth. Ms. Marchand has also served as a member of the B.C. Arts Council and currently serves as its Vice-Chair.

Cube Gallery: Contrarians Exhibit

Cube Gallery

"At first blush, these two artists appear to conflict with each other. One is a near-abstract bender of landscapes, the other a careful realist. Combined, their work presents a show of contrarian camaraderie." 

Exhibit: Tuesday May 1st, 2018 - Sunday, June 3rd, 2018.

Vernissage: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm 


After studying at McGill University and the Ottawa School of Art, Stuart Kinmond worked for many years as an architect in Ottawa. He is now a full-time visual artist working in paint, digital media and installations. Kinmond has received two city of Ottawa commissions for public art: one at the Carleton University transit station; the other in front of St. Paul’s University. His paintings incorporate a playful fracturing of our sense of scale and perspective. His representational, bordering on abstract, works evoke familiar places through a gossamer veil, as if in a wonderful dream. 

Peter Fischer is a graphic designer and landscape artist based in Dundas, ON. His paintings focus on the fine nuances within the natural world. His carefully-honed landscapes capture atmosphere and sharp details. Fischer gathers inspiration from the beautiful escarpment passing through Dundas, as well as his travels to Quebec and the Maritimes.  Besides Cube Gallery, he is represented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Galerie D'este, Montreal, and the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario. 


Two New Workshops Added to May

Monster Making Sculpey III

Monster Making Wednesday May 16th 5:30 to 7:30pm




Fluid Acrylic Pouring

Fluid Acrylic Pouring Thursday May 17th 5:30 to 7:30

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