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There is a wide variety of easels to suit every kind of artist at Wallack’s. If you’re a watercolour artist you’ll be able to find easels that tilt to accommodate your needs. For artists who travel, and work plein air, Wallack’s has travel easels that can compact and are light enough to fit into a bag with your supplies. If artists prefer to stay stationary while working, then Wallack’s has boxed easels that can be used on a table top, or traditional A-Frame and H-Frame easels that are full height.

Large scale artworks are ideal for oversized studio easels which will provide adequate support. Some studio easels will have wheels which will make them easier to move around your space.

While an artist is considering which easel might work for their space, it’s important to think whether they have enough space for storage, whether they like to work standing or sitting, or if they tend to work indoors and outdoors.

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