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Holiday Gift Guide - Calligraphy: Brush Calligraphy, Fountain Pens & Fine Writing Instruments

Brush Calligraphy

Unlike standard calligraphy, this type of calligraphy has very art-project-based goals. There are a variety of ways to use our calligraphy products, although a growing trend is to use the pens and markers to create over-sized words using a brush tip or a fine tip pen. The result is a beautiful handwritten script that looks more like signage, because of its large scale. The focus is on a type of calligraphy that is different than what you are used to seeing-- it is bouncier, fun looking and quite unique. To create this style, we have many different types of markers and a huge range of other products within this medium. There are many online tutorials about learning this technique, and because it’s easy to learn, it’s also accessible to a range of people and skill levels. It’s a great way to introduce younger people to the art of calligraphy. It’s also affordable. You can get all the basics you need for $15.


Fountain Pens & Fine Writing Instruments

The other popular calligraphy trend we’re noticing is the use of Fine Writing instruments with fountain pen-specific ink. Specifically, we carry a brand, Lamy, that has a beautiful set of calligraphy pens called the Lamy Joy-- This is a collection you will not want to miss out on. Included in this set is a unique lengthened pen featuring an ergonomic design that sports a variety of different nibs; you can choose between three nibs that all have a flat edge on them, so when writing you can achieve a variation in the line. These pens fly off the shelves in the holiday season, because they’re high quality, and are quick and easy gifts.

And if you're not convinced by the Lamy Joy set, or perhaps you want something for every day use, then you are bound to love the collection of other Lamy Safari pens that come in a handful of bright, fun and festive colors-- including the color of the year, Lamy "Petrol", (Psst, it's a staff favorite).

Also check out the other amazing fountain pen brands we carry: A German brand that offers both pens and sketch pencils in compact sizes, Kaweco, and the Japanese brand that is renowned for their super fine lined nibs, Pilot.