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Holiday Gift Guide - DIY Gift Maker: Holiday Cards & Decorations

Have you ever thought of making gifts yourself? This has been a year-over-year growing holiday trend and we expect 2017 to follow suit. Handmade gifts are thoughtful, personal and often the most cherished of all gifts. We can help you get started. Come into the store and we can discuss your ideas, give you money-saving and time-saving hints, supply some pro tips and direct you to the materials you need. Do you want to give handmade gifts, but are drawing a blank? We can help with that too. Paintings, block printing, a favourite poem in calligraphy script...we have ideas about hundreds of gifts that will help you find the inspiration to make something perfect. Starting in November, we start to see customers who are excited to get their creative ideas flowing. The DIY excitement is contagious!

DIY Holiday Cards

Handmade holiday cards were HUGE last year and we have seen signs indicating this year will be no different. We have customers making watercolour cards, printmaking cards, greeting cards, gift tags, a gift of note cards, or just cards in general. We have everything you can think of to make holiday cards and a lot of people come in the store to do just that. Handmade cards are only slightly more expensive than a box of generic holidays cards and they have 100x the impact. It’s a personalized item that can be saved and framed. They’re little artworks and definitely a popular choice.

DIY Holiday Decorations

Love it or hate it, the Internet is an awesome source of holiday decorating ideas. People want to personalize their decor with their own touches. We see so many folks coming in with a photo on their phone and a desire to recreate decorations for their own home. Some just need to be pointed towards the right materials, while others need some expert advice on the best way to put the materials together. Whether you are experienced at making holidays decorations or a first timer, we have all the supplies and expert advice you will ever need. We also have scheduled demonstrations to help and inspire.

While you're at it, why not support our Ottawa-based craft supplier, Multi-Craft! From pom-poms to pipe cleaners, they have all you need to create the festive look for your home.