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Holiday Gift Guide - Gifting for a Child Artist

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for artist kids

Often parents have a good idea of what project they have in mind. They’re looking for products that are non-toxic. They may want bright and fun rainy day craft ideas with just the right amount of challenge. Easy cleanup is a must. We can meet their creative needs with our customized kits. We stock these really great clear stackable art boxes (art bins) and fill them with items that perfectly suit your child’s age, skill and interests. For example, this holiday season you can get a custom finger painting kit with tempera paint, finger painting pads, some scissors, glue, a few pom poms, googly eyes…just enough to make the rainiest day a little bit brighter.

This product was really popular last holiday season, so this year we’re bringing back these really cool scratchboard books. They are black on the exterior, but once scratched with a tool, they reveal colours underneath. Kids can scratch in different characters and metallic colours will show through. They come in different themes, such as a flower theme or a monster theme. Reasonably priced, these are a popular add-on to a child’s gift.