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Holiday Gift Guide - Gifting for an Adult at any skill level!

Adults can be hard to buy for, but Wallack’s has something to suit everyone on your list.

Is the recipient somebody who had a previous interest in art? Are you hoping to reignite their interest? For example, you know they’ve done painting in the past and know they like it, but you’re not sure what to get them. We can help you narrow down the options, so you buy something that logically fits their needs. Continuing with the above example, are they at the stage where they need a table easel or even a floor easel, or is it more appropriate to get them started with a kit? We can help you choose the right gift that fits into their “art” stage.

Do you want to introduce your partner to painting? We recommend acrylic kits for people that are just starting out. Acrylics are the easiest medium to start with, because they are water-based, easy to clean and non-toxic. There are no smells or fumes. We have many different acrylic kits and these kits are definitely the way to initiate someone into the joys of painting. We suggest that hobbyists use acrylics by Golden or Holbein as a great way to begin experimenting.  

Are you buying for a more seasoned artist? If so, you need to know their prefered medium. The store is divided into sections. You have the acrylic section, the oil section, watercolour, drafting, calligraphy, brushes. We will guide you to the appropriate section and be available to answer any question you may have.

Regardless of medium or skill level of your gift recipient, we always keep your budget in mind. We know at holiday time that every customer needs to keep within their budget. Once you give us an idea of your budget, we will make sure you get the most out of every dollar. Whether your budget is $300 or $20, we can help you pick out something you will be proud to give.