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Holiday Gift Guide - Low Poly Crafts

Do you know someone who is good with their hands and loves a good puzzle? Low Poly Crafts is an invention by a local Ottawa couple who makes kits that are perfect for a weekend project.Try to imagine a cross between a puzzle and origami, the end product looks like a 3D head or shape! They come disassembled in peices that are numbered and scored, your task is to fold and glue them together. They’re bright and colourful and lots of fun. This company has had explosive growth and their popularity has spread across Canada. They have picked up a number of awards, and have been adding to their inventory at an exciting rate. There are so many products and shapes that you can choose from, and a whole range of different difficulty levels. Our favorites are the Deer head that mounts to the wall, and the small fox that sits upon a table top.

They’re meant for anyone over 12 years of age, and are a great way to hunker down and work on a project over the holidays. They’re really neat, really well-received by our customers, and one of our favorite gift ideas.

Oh, and don't forget Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky glue-- this glue will speed up the process of building your kit!