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Speedball Deluxe Screen Printing Kit

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All the essentials for learning the art of screen
printing, including the exciting photo emulsion
method. Kit includes: (3) 4oz (118ml) Acrylic Poster
(Process Cyan, Process Magenta, Process Yellow)
and (2) Fabric (Black, Red) Screen Printing Inks; (1)
each 4oz (118ml) Screen Filler, Drawing Fluid and
DIAZO Photo Emulsion Remover; 3.30oz (97.6ml)
DIAZO Photo Emulsion; 1.07g DIAZO Sensitizer;
Step-by-Step Screen Printing Instructional DVD;
Red Baron™ Squeegee; 10" x 14" Printing Screen
with Base Unit; round brush; tracing paper;
instruction booklet.

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