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Wallacks + Nosy Mag


Nosy Mag is very excited to announce that we are collaborating on an exhibition with  Wallack's and Wallack Galleries in January. Featuring Ottawa artists who explore ideas  related to our next issue: collaboration, togetherness, and community; The exhibition  celebrates the release of Nosy Mag Vol. 2 Double Dutch. 

OPEN CALL: (December 3 - January 1):  

We're seeking work from artists at all career levels working in Ottawa-Gatineau who  explore ideas related to togetherness, community, and collaboration. We're looking for  work in all mediums. Engagement with the theme can be creative; we want to see all  your work! The exhibition will be juried by the Nosy Mag team.  

Send your images, artist statement, and links to: 

LAUNCH PARTY: (Friday January 14)  

Join us for a DJ set, exhibition opening, and the release of Nosy Mag Vol. 2 Double  Dutch. 

RE-WORKSHOP: (Sunday January 16)  

Bring your artwork into Wallack's, swap it with someone else and create a new work  from the piece you get. This workshop is about creatively responding to someone else's  artwork, such as writing a poetic response, adding directly onto the work, or using a part  of the work to make something new. Materials will be provided. Tickets sold in advance,  funds support Nosy Mag.  


As an extension of her sculptural installation, Alexia Kokozaki invites passersby to sit  across from her to learn how to sew a cotton flower. Once the flower is sewn, partakers  can decide what to do with it: they can keep it as a memento, add it to the sculpture,  give it to a loved one... it's theirs to decide.  

BRUNCH TALKS: (Sunday January 23)  

Sunday noon, join us for Mimosas + the Nosy Mag team in conversation with the artists  to talk about the release, exhibition, the future of collaboration and community in Ottawa  art.