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Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paint Zing! Set of 6

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Create bright, High chroma pieces using the Golden SoFlat Zing! set. This matte acrylic paint is highly pigmented offering bright colours with high coverage capacity. Use this six colour set to paint in bright, unexpected tones taking your paintings to the next level.

This set includes six 2oz (59ml) tubs, one of each of the following colours:

  • Naphthol Pink
  • Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
  • Cobalt Teal
  • Yellow Green
  • Red Violet
  • Cadmium Orange

Golden has created a matte, self-levelling acrylic paint like no other. Built with the gouache artist in mind the SoFlat acrylic has a smooth, flowing consistency making creating immersive colour fields without the distraction of glare or brush strokes getting in the way. This paint has the matte finish of traditional gouache but without the fragile consistency of the paint. Produced using the same quality checks as Golden's most popular heavy body acrylics you can depend on the consistency of these professional acrylics.


  • Bright, opaque colours that apply evenly and can offer full coverage within two coats
  • Self-levelling this paint relaxes naturally after being brushed out to reduce the visibility of brush strokes
  • Matte, just like gouache this paint is built for an opaque matte finish perfect for pieces needing to be photographed