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Holbein Fluid Acrylic - 100ml

Holbein Fluid Acrylic - 100ml

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Holbein Fluid Acrylic is a low viscosity Artist Acrylic, and is products using popular colours found in the Holbein Artist Watercolour Range and the Holbein Heavy Body Range.
These colours are self-levelling and contain no fillers or extenders. Holbein Fluid Acrylic offers outstanding tinting strength durability adhesion, flexibility and are unlikely to craze/wrinkle or foam when being applied with a brush, dripped, poured or sprayed.
Holbein Fluid Acrylic can easily be thinned to watercolour-like consistency for extraordinary watercolour like effects. Holbein Fluid Acrylic also mixes seamlessly with Holbein Acrylic Mediums including gels and pastes.

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