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Itoya 1.7oz O'Glue

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The O'Glue Professional takes the best selling Glue and makes it even better! The O'Glue Professional's sponge tip applicator has been improved with a thin cloth layer over the sponge to provide exact control over the area to be glued without creating a mess. The applicator is also more durable than ever over prolonged use. The cap of the O'Glue Professional has been designed so the tube can easily stand up on one end for easy storage at home, school, or the office, but also for retailers to easily display at their stores. The cap also has one flat edge that helps prevent the O'Glue Professional from rolling off of tables when lying on its side. The glue formula remains the same high quality, multi-purpose glue that is perfect for bonding paper, cloth, cellophane, cardboard, and many other surfaces. O'Glue Professional is non-toxic, non-flammable, and water soluble. O'Glue Professional also has the important seal since it is Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) Certified.