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Visconti Limited Edition Van Gogh "The Reader" Fountain Pen and Ink Set

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Limited Edition "The Reader" Fountain Pen and Ink Set by Visconti Fine Italian Pens

It's no secret that the folks at Visconti are experts in all things luxury. "The Novel Reader" Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Ink Set is the perfect example of their skills. This gorgeous pen was crafted with Van Gogh's "The Reader" in mind, with an 18-sided body in deep green hues made of durable acrylic resin. It even comes with a matching limited edition bottle of green ink!

The metal fittings are gold plated and high contrast to the deep green body, while the nib is made of steel coated with gold and etched with the Van Gogh name. If you're looking for a luxurious writing experience, look no further than this stunning fountain pen set from Visconti.

All Visconti pens are handmade in Italy by skilled craftspeople making each pen unique in its own way. Visconti pens are known for their high quality production and materials making each pen as unique and special as its owner.

This set is available with either a fine or medium nib pen. Please use the drop down menu to select the nib size you would like.