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Viviva Colorsheets - Watercolour paint set

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At first glance, the colorsheets look different. A thought will cross your mind - "Are these really vibrant?!"

You would then proceed to wet your brush and lift the slightest amount but pause... to marvel at just how easy and smooth it felt. The first stroke will widen your eyes in amazement - "Oh yes, they are vibrant!"

16 colors made from ultra-premium dyes curated for outdoor use.

"All right, they are vivid. But how long are these little patches of color going to last?" Here's where you're in for a bigger surprise: Very Long!

How you ask? Shh! It's a trade secret but we'll let you in on this - A pure layer of super-saturated dye is just that. No fillers, no BS. It does go a long way.

Comparable coverage to a standard halfpan set.