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Acrylic paint and Painting Accessories

Acrylic paint and Painting Accessories

Acrylic paints are made by combining a synthetic polymer base with varying pigments to create a variety of colours that can be emulsified by water. Because of the polymer base, they are incredibly stable and have excellent layering qualities. They dry quickly and can adhere to most surfaces, which makes them very versatile. The polymer also helps to prevent them from oxidation which would otherwise cause yellowing of certain pigments.

Wallack's offers a vast array of art supplies for aspiring and professional painters alike, from the novice painter who is just starting out to more experienced artists looking at new ideas.

Wallack's carries Canada's top brands of painting supplies for artists and also offers many choices in acrylic paint mediums. 

Acrylic mediums allow you to change how the paint behaves in your work. Some mediums will alter the paint’s drying time, the thickness of the paint, or add additional textures. We also have a variety of gessoes, primers, and grounds for preparing painting surfaces for acrylic paint.