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New Store Now Open!

Custom Framing

There is a reason artists and collectors have trusted Wallack's Framing for over 90 years
Wallack's has framed art for artists, collectors, museums and institutions both locally and internationally since the 1930s. With our third generation of framers, we can confidently say that this service runs in our blood.

We thrive on completing projects with the utmost care, and we want you to feel thrilled as you look at your art wherever you hang it.
Custom framing prices range significantly but we are able to work with almost any budget. At this time, we are only able to offer pricing through a consultation.

Whether you just bought an art print online or you've inherited your grandmother's oil painting, we want to give everything that comes through our door a unique treatment that will preserve it's integrity for years to come.

When we say custom framing, we mean that you can customize almost every aspect of your framing project to achieve the look you want in your desired budget. Check out all of the elements that go into making your frame custom!

The Anatomy of a Custom Frame

Here's why you can trust Wallack's for your framing needs:

UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE When we say we know our stuff, you can trust us. We've been perfecting the art of custom framing for over 90 years.
Wallack's roots began as a frame shop in the 1930's on Bank St. across from our current flagship location.  Many of our framers over the years have graduated to positions with National Archives Canada, National Gallery of Canada and other important institutions around the city. Today, Morgan and Michael Wallack continue the business along with framers who have worked with Wallack's for over 40 years.

Here's what makes us unique:

A TRAINED EYE. Our framers are artists themselves. This means we have a original perspective to framing that will make your work shine like it should.
MEASURED PERFECTION. We take pride in the degree of accuracy in each project we complete.
ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES. Let us help you narrow down your choices from the thousands that we offer


Whether you are framing a recent acquisition or you're an artist preparing for your upcoming exhibition, let us help you with our professional advice on how to best present your artwork using the most up to date archival quality materials. Our expert advice, eye for trends, and love for art will help preserve your artworks for future generations and keep it looking vibrant through the years.

Wallack's offers the most comprehensive selection of framing materials available. With the assistance of our professional staff, we can suggest the most appropriate framing option whether you are framing special memories or fine art pieces.
Wallack’s has numerous lamination options for the protection of your framing project. Several options are available from matte to glossy and textured films to simulate fine painting techniques such as brushstrokes and linen textures. Our expert staffs are available to show you the several options to maximize the finished surface of your art project.
Wallack’s has the most up-to-date technology in ensuring the right substrate for the mounting of your art project. Our expert staff can advise you on the most appropriate material based on the project itself. With several options available, our staff can help ensure you the most appropriate option.
Our stretching services are used for all  sorts of art pieces including but not limited to needlework, jersey, canvas etc. Our team understands that each piece that comes in requires a specialized method of stretching; our professional consultation can provide advice on which is the correct method to give your works the optimal look.
Wallack's carries standard size frames with and without mat boards manufactured in Montreal. Custom “ready-made” frames can be ordered as well for your convenience. This is great for artists on a budget, doing large shows or other personal projects that require a larger quantity of frames on a tight timeline and budget.
Our team can outfit you with all the equipment and materials you need to hang your pieces. Hooks, nails, hammers, levels and much more to ensure your works are safely and professionally installed. Among the various hanging systems we offer, standoffs are a modern alternative Wallack's provides to give your artworks a simple yet secure finish.


Meet our Lead Framer, Morgan!

Morgan is a Canadian artist practicing analog photography. After spending a few years abroad, she returned to Ottawa to begin her career as Wallack's Fine Art Specialist, bringing with her a unique and creative process that is truly unmatched in the city. Her style is refined yet playful. She has the distinctive ability of recognizing the intricacies in artwork, and bringing them forth through her choices in framing.

Her scope of work extends to some of Canada's most recognized artists and galleries, as well as private collectors. Although her resume of exclusive framing is rather noteworthy, she also enjoys the challenge of framing the quirky pieces that may have graced the back of your closet for years (like her self-portraits painted in Grade 1, as seen framed behind her!)

We make the process seamless.

Steps of booking a framing consultation

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