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Copic Sketch Alcohol Based Markers Set of 72 A Colours

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The worldwide, bestselling alcohol based marker made by .Too corporation, Copic Sketch Markers are praised by artists, designers, and professionals across the globe. 

This set of 72 "A" colours is built from a wide selection of the most commonly used colours in design and illustration. This specific selection includes everything from bright, vivd colours to greys and black and all of the in between shades you need to get clean gradients. The perfect set to start or expand your Copic collection it even comes equipped with an acrylic case for easy storage.

Copic sketch markers have two easy to use nibs:

  • The Super Brush - Ideal for shading, blending, and organic lines mimicking a brush
  • The Medium Broad Chisel - Ideal for filling large areas of colour and for more graphic marks

Copic Sketch features a full spectrum of 358 colours all coded for easy navigation and colour planning. 

Included Colour Codes:

E15, E29, E33, E37, E44, E49, C-1, C-3, C-5, C-7, C-9, W-1, W-3, W-5, W-7, W-9, 100, 110, G28, G99, BG09, BG10, BG15, BG18, B01, B05, B06, B14, B23, B26, B29, B32, B34, B37, B39, E09, YR14, YR23, YR24, Y02, Y06, Y11, Y13, Y15, Y21, Y26, YG03, YG13, YG91, YG95, G07, G16, G17, G21, BV08, V04, V06, V09, RV04, rV09, RV11, RV19, RV29, R02, R08, R27, R32, R37, YR00, YR04, YR07, YR09

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