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Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic 22ml 6-Colour Set

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Liquitex Heavy Body color has a buttery paste consistency that, when dry, retains the texture left by the brush or knife. Recommended when the artist wants the feel, pull and look of heavy-bodied paint. The 6-Color Set contains one 22ml tube each of mars black, titanium white, naphthol crimson, cadmium yellow medium hue, pthalocyanine green (blue shade) and ultramarine blue (green shade). The 6-Color Vibrant Set contains one 22ml tube each of hansa yellow light, medium magenta, vivid lime green, brilliant purple, light blue permanent and cadmium orange hue. The 12-Color Essentials Set includes one 22ml tube each of yellow medium azo, ultramarine blue (red shade), napthol red light, yellow oxide, transparent burnt sienna, transparent raw umber, pthalo green (blue shade), cerulean blue hue, dioxazine purple, titanium white and ivory black.