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Sarah Rooney's Class (ART 1311 - Tuesday - Fall 2021)

Class Material Requirements:
Golden Heavy Body Paint:
(1) Naphthol Red Light, 2oz
(1) Ultramarine, 2oz
(1) Hansa Yellow Medium, 2oz 
(1) Yellow Ochre, 2oz 
(1) Burnt Sienna, 2oz
(1) Titanium White, 5oz 
(1) Wallack's White Artist's Gesso (1000ml) 
Brushes & Knives
(1) Palette knife (Number 6) 
(1) Princeton Hake Brushes for Gesso (3 in)
Art Pro Paint Brushes:
(1)Hog Bristle, Filbert, #8 
(1)Hog Bristle, Filbert, #10
(1)Hog Bristle, Filbert, #12
(1) Art Alternatives Hard-Bound Sketchbooks (8.5X11 in)
(5) Stonehenge papers (22x30 in, Cold press, 140lbs)
Other Materials
(1) Alvin Masking tape (1/2 in)
(1) 3mm Masonite board (24x36 in)
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    from $0.85

    Masonite Panels

    Canadian made 3mm thick HDF masonite panels, unprimed. Great for priming and painting, mixed media work, and much more.

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    from $3.13

    Art Pro Paint Brushes- Hog Bristle

    Designed for use with Professional Acrylic and Oil paint, this range of Art Pro brushes offers a selection of synthetic brushes that are stiff enou...

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    RGM Italian Plus Painting Knives

    These high-quality painting knives are offered at an exceptionally low price. They are manufactured of high-quality steel that is specially treated...

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    Princeton Hake Brushes

    Large format natural bristle hake brushes are perfect for watercolour washes. They are soft and durable, and can also be used for applying gesso.

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    Wallack's White Artist Gesso

    Use as a quality primer for canvas, paper, fabric, wood, and more. Remains flexble when dry, and can be used with oils, acrylics, and more.

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    Art Alternatives Hard-Bound Sketchbooks

    Classic black, hard-cover sketch books are an artist essential. These books feature acid-free, bright white, 75lb. (110 gsm) paper, sourced from ce...

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    General Purpose Masking Tape

    Tape down what you need taped down with this tried and true basic masking tape. No frills, good adhesion, easily removable and replaceable.