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ArtGraf Premium Intense Black Carbon Tailer Shape Disc

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ArtGraf Tailor Shape Carbon Discs mix the best of both drawing and painting worlds. These discs are soft, densely packed carbon powerhouses creating a smooth drawing experience. Made in the shape of traditional tailers chalks they can be used in multiple orientations, draw using the corner for details, drag the wide edge across your page for thick textured strokes, or use the long edges for sharp lines.

These discs are meant to take you from studio to plein air to your favourite drawing classes with ease. Our favourite features are:


These are made of pressed pigment meant to not only be used dry but also wet down. Apply water to your page, directly to the pigment, or use a brush and see the wide variation in colour and opacity you can achieve. Go from deep, rich, opaque colours to soft transparent tones by varying the water level.

Line Weight

Achieve a huge variation in line weight to meet any of your needs. Drawing with the wide flat sides gives you a chunky line for filling large spaces or creating shape. Flip it on its corner for fine details and soft lines, or drag its long edge across your page for sharp clean lines.


Finally these pigment discs are amazingly versatile. Not only can you get a wide range of line weights and values you can also use it with a brush and water for a more painterly feel.

Don't believe us? Check them out in action in the video below.