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Copic Sketch Markers Colourless & Black

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The worldwide, bestselling alcohol based marker made by .Too corporation, Copic Sketch Markers are praised by artists, designers, and professionals across the globe. 

Copic sketch markers have two easy to use nibs:

  • The Super Brush - Ideal for shading, blending, and organic lines mimicking a brush
  • The Medium Broad Chisel - Ideal for filling large areas of colour and for more graphic marks

Copic Sketch features a full spectrum of 358 colours all coded for easy navigation and colour planning. The iconic ergonomic oval design makes drawing with these markers comfortable for long periods of time. Filled with a quick drying, alcohol-based ink these design markers are blendable and permanent. The quality of Copic is superb and when used correctly can give you excellent streak free coverage.

Please note due to website restrictions we can only list 100 colours at a time. Don't see the colour you are looking for? Shop all Copic by clicking the button below.

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