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Copic Sketch Markers Floral Favourites Set of 6

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Copic Sketch Markers Floral Favourites Set give you the famous Copic alcohol markers at their finest! This specially curated set features 6 markers in colours like pinkish vanilla, tender pink, peony, azalea, pale cobalt green and cobalt green. With these fun hues it's easy to be uniquely creative with your design projects. Blend beautifully for gradient colour effects or use the flexible brush and chisel nibs to achieve different strokes. Copic is highly praised in the design and illustration world for their bright, alcohol based ink and ease of use --now that's quality worth bragging about.

This set includes:

  • R01 - Pinkish Vanilla
  • RV13 - Tender Pink
  • RV69 - Peony
  • V05 - Azalea
  • YG41 -Pale Cobalt Green
  • YG45 - Cobalt Green

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