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Golden OPEN Acrylic Thinner

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OPEN Gel and Medium can be thinned and extended with OPEN Thinner, water, or faster drying GOLDEN Mediums. For most painting techniques the following guidelines are recommended:

  • OPEN Thinner will reduce the viscosity while still preserving the optimal working time. Since OPEN Thinner contains no binders, limit additions to a maximum 3:1 ratio of 3 parts OPEN Gel or Medium to 1 part OPEN Thinner to maintain film integrity.
  • Water will very rapidly reduce the viscosity but will not preserve the extended open time. To maintain film integrity limit additions to a maximum 2:1 ratio of 2 parts OPEN Gel or Medium to 1 part water.
  • Faster drying GOLDEN Mediums can be added in any ratio to OPEN Gel and Medium to modify viscosity, but will lower the open time in proportion to the ratio.