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Holbein Coloured Pencils Set of 12 Design Tones

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Build your design work from the bottom up with Holbein's carefully selected design colour palette, designed to give you everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

Rich and creamy these coloured pencils are not only a dream to look at but also to draw with. Bring your imagination to life with vibrant colours and a smooth application so you don't have to think about the tool but what you are creating with it.  The 3.8mm thick core and gloss paint coated exterior protects these pencil crayons from easy breakage so no more shattered leads that fall out as you sharpen them. 

Holbein's colour range is unbeatable and this set is a practical selection of these fine artist quality pencils.

This comes with:

  • White OP500
  • Black OP510
  • Fresh Green OP234
  • Viridian OP247
  • Turquoise Blue OP343
  • Royal Blue OP348
  • Iris OP443
  • Magenta OP449
  • Signal Red OP043
  • Tangerine OP145
  • Dandelion OP140
  • Lemon OP149
  • Metal Storage Tin

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