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Holbein Fluid Acrylic Sets

SKU 379-AF192
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Holbein Fluid Acrylic is a low viscosity Artist Acrylic, and is products using popular colours found in the Holbein Artist Watercolour Range and the Holbein Heavy Body Range.
60 highly detailed colours deliver exceptional brilliance and clarity, and are produced using light fast pigments. All colours are self-levelling and contain no fillers or extenders. Holbein Fluid Acrylic offers outstanding tinting strength durability adhesion, flexibility and are unlikely to craze/wrinkle or foam when being applied with a brush, dripped, poured or sprayed.
Holbein Acrylic Ink can easily be thinned to watercolour-like consistency for extraordinary watercolour like effects. Holbein Fluid Acrylic also mixes seamlessly with Holbein Acrylic Mediums including gels and pastes.