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Valu-Pak Professional Padded Picture Hanging Set

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The Valu-Pak Professional Padded Picture Hanging Set is perfect for safely hanging art, mirrors, and frames. This complete set includes padded framing hanging nails, picture frame hardware, hangers, and nails, making it an ideal choice for any wall-hanging needs. All components are high-quality and designed to provide secure support for your valuable pieces.


This set contains a variety of padded picture hangers and nails. The padded hangers allow you to hang pictures, mirrors, plaques and more without damaging your walls. The backs of these hangers are padded to prevent scratches to the wall and also have an adhesive backing making hanger placement easy. The adhesive back will not leave sticky reside on walls. It includes hangers that can accommodate up to 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 lbs. It also includes bonus round, clear rubber bumpers that can be used to protect the frame and walls.

Hangs Up to 17 Pictures