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Father's Day Gift Guide for the not so Artsy Buyer

Father's Day Gift Guide for the not so Artsy Buyer

With Father’s Day right around the corner, the pressure to find him the perfect gift is on... but let's be honest... the options every year seem to be dwindling and causing stress leaving us to resort to a simple gift card (which is actually an artists favourite gift at Wallack's).

This year we made a suggestions list for those who's father is a creative or an artist who has it all... except maybe these items. 



  • Pentalic Traveler Journals - Dot Grids


    If your Dad has a creative mind, and is always coming up with new ideas for something, give him a hand with Pentalic’s Traveler Journals. Its waterproof cover and portable design allows it to be taken anywhere for in-the-moment ideas. This Journals specifically comes with a dotted grid for organization or an easy template for 3 dimensional drawings.


  • Ironlak Strikers Twin Tip Art Markers

  • Ironlak Strikers Twin Tip Art Markers

    Great for flexing your artistic ideas, Ironlak Strikers Twin Tip Art Markers have a fineliner on one end for precise linework, and a chisel for bold and broad strokes on the other. A fun and convenient tool for a Dad who loves experimenting with new art materials.  


  • Design Doodles Characters

  • Design Doodles Characters are fun little poseable desk companions. Not only are they available in the classic “male” and “female mannequins, but also dogs, cats, and birds. Design Doodles Characters make entertaining, quirky gifts for Dads who love to create.


  • Crescent Rendr Sketchbooks

  • Does your Dad make a ton of art but has difficulty trying to find places to keep it? Crescent Rendr Sketchbooks keep all your art in one place, regardless of what medium. It’s design allows it to be used on both sides of its pages without bleeding through so your Dad can make all his art in one book.


  • Lamy Safari 2017 Edition Petrol Fountain Pen

  • This stylish pen makes a great token of appreciation. Its sleek and professional design makes it a wonderful gift for Dads who have an office or business job. Your Dad will no doubt go to work excited to show this limited edition pen off.


  • Paper Sculpture Kit - Fox

  • This Paper Sculpture Kit is a great way to spend Father’s Day. It comes with pre cut pieces that are labelled for convenience, eliminating the frustrating struggle of other DIY home decorations. Not only is it fun to build, when it’s completed it takes the form of a low-poly fox that can be put on display for a pop of colour, and a subtle reminder of the good times had making it.


  • DIY Photo Frame

  • DIY Photo Frames would make a great gift for any Dad. The blank wooden frame is the perfect clean slate for a kid to have fun decorating, and then fill the empty frame with a fond memory shared with Dad. A very personalized gift, your Dad will certainly appreciate.


  • Monteverde Tool Pen

  • If your Dad is handy and loves building and working with tools, Monteverde Tool Pen is the handiest tool out there. A pen on one side and a stylus on the other, it also comes equipped with phillips and flathead screwdrivers under the stylus, and a built-in level and ruler in the barrel. This pen grants your Dad the ability to be handy even without a toolbox.


  • Daylight Wafer LED Lightboxes

  • A multi-use, lightweight light board that allows you to unlock new artistic abilities. A light board is ideal for stenciling, sewing, embroidery, calligraphy, or just drawing if the room is dark. Daylight Wafer LED Lightboxes are a great opportunity to try out and practice new art mediums.


  • Paper Sculpture Kit - Racoon

  • Similar to the first Paper Sculpture Kit, except this kit builds a raccoon. It still offers all the bonuses of the first sculpture kit and building it is a fun way to spend Father’s Day.

    Check out the full list on our site here >>> 

    Of course we have many other cool ideas and gifts for your dad online and in store but if your father is really hard to buy for but you know he want's art supplies, then you can get him a gift card or something else from our awesome GlowFair Sale on until the end of June.

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