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New Art Festival 2017

New Art Festival 2017

Thousands of spectators, buyers, and art enthusiasts soaked up the sun while checking out artwork and hanging with artists at last weekend's “New Art Festival” held in the Glebe’s Central Park June 10th and 11th. Originally created by Ottawa Artist Bhat Boy as a way to provide new artists a chance to show their work, the outdoor festival has grown into the large-scale event it is today, complete with juried awards and prizes, food vendors, painters, crafters, and jewelry makers. This summer marked the art festival’s 25th year.

Michael Wallack Wallack's Steven Strang Artist New Art Festival

Michael Wallack (Left)   Steven Strang (Right) Receiving Wallack's Award

Each year Wallack’s sponsors the Ottawa art festival and awards a prize for the best 2-D art piece in the painting/mixed media category. This year the award was given to Steven Strang for his eye-catching painting of a Ram. Steven’s pieces were in demand last weekend, with most of the pieces having red dots before 3:00PM on the first day of the Festival. 

Ottawa Artist Steven Strang Ram New Art Festival

Steven Strang is an Ottawa based artist who paints in acrylics, oil, watercolours and gouache. Steven also carves bone and antler using tools and techniques from the early Middle Ages. His pieces have been acquired by private collectors in Canada, the USA, Europe, Central and South America, Australia; and by Parks Canada and the Smithsonian.

 Steven Strang New Art Festival Ottawa Artist

Other artworks displayed in Steven Strang's tent at The New Art Festival

The 25th annual event drew large crowds in plus 30 degree weather. There were nearly 200 artists showing their work outdoors and thousands of attendees over the two days. Congratulations to everyone especially the artists who braved the record hot June 11th. 

You can see and follow Steven on twitter at

Visit his website or contact Steven at



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