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Wallack's Staff Picks

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We're bringing you our new Staff Picks Program! This initiative is a great way to bring you the advice and expertise of our creatively experienced staff members. Check in for regular updates to this list. As we try new products and find the ones we love, we'll share the news with you!




Adam's Pick: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

Benefits: "This has great line control from thick to thin, it never dries out, and it lasts 'forever'."


Nathan's Pick: Ecoline Liquid Watercolours

Benefits: "They're highly pigmented with a wide range of great colours, they're easy to blend out and ready to use straight-away."


Amanda's Pick: Holbein Oil Paints

Benefits: They have a large colour selection that other brands don't offer, and are highly pigmented with a smooth application."


Emily's Pick: Holbein Watercolour Paint

Benefits: "Enjoy a big selection of colours with bright finishes. They have a creamy consistency both fresh out of the tube and after rewetting."



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