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Wallack’s Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

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For Earth Day, Wallack’s wants to shine the spotlight on some of our many Eco-Friendly options in the hopes of encouraging the use of natural, non-toxic, and recyclable products. There are many more Eco-Friendly products in store, just ask any of our product experts.

1. Strathmore Recycled Sketchbooks

Strathmore sketchbooks are a widely used brand however, did you know that aside from their usual sketchbooks, they also make sketchbooks out of recycled paper? It works just as well as any other paper, and it promotes the idea of environmentally friendly alternatives.

2. M. Graham’s Solvent Free Oil Colour Set

M. Graham’s Solvent Free Oil Colour Set is a 5 colour set of paint made with walnut oil and walnut alkyd medium. This eliminates the harmful fumes that are usually paired with oil paints. Breath easy knowing your art studio is safe from toxic fumes.

3. Tombow Recycled Colour Sets

Tombow Recycled Colour Sets are coloured pencils made from recycled wood, contributing to the worldwide effort of tree preservation. Create beautiful pieces of art knowing it’s not at the expense of any trees.

4. Composimold Original Re-usable Mold Making Material

Composimold Original Re-usable Mold Making Material grants the ability to keep on creating. Simply melt the material to reuse over and over. Help the environment whilst never having to buy molding materials ever again!


Perhaps the title says it all with Ecohouse Damar Painting Medium. This medium is made of linseed stand oil, as well as Damar resin. Eco-House is a Canadian company made in New Brunswick. Perhaps it's time to swap out your old medium for something environmentally friendly, and natural.
- Rudy Collins

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