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Crayola Chalk

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Color: Assorted Colours
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These chalk sticks are perfect for unleashing your artistic talents on blackboards and a variety of surfaces, all while keeping the mess to a minimum. Available in classic white, and multi-coloured, they're great for kids aged 4 and up.

1. No Dust, No Fuss: Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk sticks are specially formulated to keep chalk dust at bay. Crafters and parents can now enjoy a clean and mess-free artistic experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of excessive chalk dust. These non-toxic chalk sticks are perfect for children's chalkboards, ensuring easy cleanup after each creative session.

2. Draw, Wipe, Repeat: Kids can explore their creativity by practicing writing and drawing on a variety of surfaces, including chalkboards, construction paper, cardboard, craft paper, and even brown paper bags. These smooth chalk sticks are built to resist breaking, scratching, and skipping on art surfaces, providing a consistent and enjoyable drawing experience. The versatility of Crayola Chalk makes it an excellent choice for both crafters and parents.

3. Package Contents: Each package of Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk includes 12 non-toxic sticks in classic white, or multi-colours. Whether your little ones are creating masterpieces or you're adding artistic flair to your crafting projects, this set is a valuable addition to your art supplies.